1. So, today in my small little town they’re was a parade today

    …for Memorial Day. While sitting alongside the street watching as the local Law Enforcement, Fire Department and EMS passed through the crowds of happy, waving Patriots, I saw a little boyscout pour water on the toe part his vented running shoes. He looked like he knew what he was doing. I assumed his feet where hot and this was a clever way to cool them down. As his father marched over to scold him and told him to stop doing it, he frowned and continued to walk with the rest of the scouts.

    Clever thinking little man. I would applaud my son if he did that.

  2. A nug a day, keeps the doc away ^_^

  5. Never Stop Exploring

  6. This, is Boomer the Aussie Shepherd and Hooty the Maltese :)


  8. You know what I don’t get? People that “Experiment with drugs.” How does that work? I’m sure if someone is experimenting I’m sure they’ve done the research on what they’re throwing up they’re nose or smoking outta a light bulb. How does one look at that stuff and say,”I’m gonna try this, cause everyone that’s done it before me, turned out great!” 

    Some peoples kids


  9. Evil Space Invader 

  10. Pedro, the 8 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever playing the the fresh snow powder :)